Previous Entry Next Entry. Even though the platform pumps out an absurd amount of original programming — 1, hours last year — it turns out that everyone just wants to watch a decade-old sitcom. So, naturally, NBC wants it back. This week, it was announced that Netflix had failed to secure the rights to The Office beyond January The good news is that it will still be available to watch elsewhere. As a viewer, you are right to feel queasy. The industry-disrupting success of Netflix means that everybody wants a slice of the pie. Right now, things are just about manageable — if you have a TV licence, a Netflix subscription, an Amazon subscription and a Now TV subscription, you are pretty much covered — but things are знакомства прибалтика to take a turn for the worse. There are so many others. NBCUniversal is pulling its shows from Netflix знакомства прибалтика its own platform. YouTube is producing more and more original subscription-only content.

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